Pro-Strength PTFE Dry Lube

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Nulon Pro-Strength PTFE Dry Lube is formulated to lubricate, prevent sticking, stop squeaking and reduce friction and wear on most surfaces – including wood, metal, plastic, glass and rubber – without leaving undesirable oil residue. Nulon Pro-Strength PTFE Dry Lube is highly resistant to oil, acid, sand, dirt and built-up dust, offering high temperature protection up to 300°C.

Recommended uses

Gears, locks, garage doors, leather, tracks, chains, gaskets, bearings, sleeves, drive trains, windows, drawers, roller drawer tracks, sliding glass doors, mirrors and more.


  • Dry PTFE coating 
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction and high lubricity
  • Non-sticky lubricant film
  • Adhesion to a wide range of materials
  • Prevents the accumulation of dust or dirt 
Due to the chemical stability of PTFE, the film is resistant to attack by nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and alcoholic potassium hydroxide in most applications. It is also extremely stable thermally (up to 300°C). Nulon PTFE Dry Lube is essentially insoluble in all non-fluorinated solvents.