GTR Digital Tacho

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The GTR Tacho is a self-contained electronic engine monitoring system that displays RPM, coolant temp, oil pressure, battery voltage and also with the option of up to 2 x exhaust pyrometers. The compact 3-1/8” x 3-1/8” size is very easy to mount. The GTR Tacho’s extremely rugged construction allows it to perform well in almost any racing environment.

The GTR Tacho recalls and displays the highest overall RPM and gives total engine RPM, coolant temp, oil pressure and exhaust temp (if exhaust temperature option is used) from the race start to finish in a simple graph form. The Tacho works on 4, 6 & 8 cylinder engines with either magnetos or distributors and is powered by a common 9 volt battery or can be hard wired in to and 6-12volt supplies with simple wiring and sensor installation.

The kit comes with mounting wings that attach to the Tacho housing with 4 x M4
x .7mm button screw and can be fixed to the vehicle with 2 x dzues fastners. The unit should be securely mounted in the cockpit in a good viewing position and clear from interfering with any of the vehicle controls.