Green Radiator Corrosion Protector

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Nulon Radiator Corrosion Protector - protects your cooling system from rust and corrosion for 3 years or 100,000km no matter the age or metal type. NOTE: For vehicles that require a Type A OEM replacement coolant use Nulon Long Life Coolants, available in both Concentrate and Pre-Mixed variants.


  • Contains advanced long-life inhibitor technology for maximum corrosion protection of all cooling system metals for 3 years or 100,000km
  • Protects aluminium, steel, cast iron, solder, copper and brass
  • Safe for all hoses, gaskets and seals
  • Exceeds Australian AS 2108-2004 Type B standard

DIRECTIONS FOR SERVICE REFILL: Refer to the owner’s manual for cooling system capacity. If the cooling system is dirty we recommended using Nulon Radiator Flush before using this product. 

  1. If the system is clean, ensure the engine is switched off, turn the heater on and drain the old coolant (when cool) by removing the drain plug or bottom radiator hose. 
  2. Replace drain plug or bottom radiator hose. 
  3. Add NULON RADIATOR CORROSION PROTECTOR to the radiator first then top-up with clean, soft or demineralised water. (Makes up to 15 Litres)
  4. Check the coolant level is correct when system is cool.