Green General Purpose Coolant Pre-Mixed

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Nulon Green General Purpose Coolant Pre-Mixed is a ready to use, multi-purpose anti-freeze/anti-boil and corrosion inhibitor that is suitable for a wide variety of vehicles on Australian and New Zealand roads. This product is safe to use in a variety of vehicles as a top-up to existing anti-freeze/anti-boil red coolant or as a full service coolant with a 4 years or 200,000km service life.  


  • Anti-freeze/anti-boil protection for 4 years or 200,000km
  • Contains long life inhibitor technology for corrosion protection of all cooling system metals
  • Ready to use and suitable for a wide range of vehicles in Australia and New Zealand
  • Protects aluminium, steel, cast iron, solder, copper and brass
  • Provides maximum protection against cavitation damage and cylinder liner pitting
  • Safe for all hoses, gaskets and seals