Engine Oil Flush

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Oil stays in engines longer and works harder than ever before, which creates damaging sludge. Don’t put clean oil into a dirty engine. Use Nulon Engine Oil Flush to remove damaging sludge deposits and extend the life of your engine. Recommended and safe for use in all engine types: petrol, diesel, LPG, old or new.


  • Extends engine life
  • Helps free up sticky valve lifters
  • Keeps oil strainer & pick-up clean
  • Cleans & removes sludge, dirt & varnish
  • Provides a cleaner environment for new oil
  • Keeps new oil cleaner for longer
Directions for use

Add 1 bottle for up to 6 litres of engine oil before oil change. Start engine and let idle for 10-15 minutes. Stop engine and completely drain whilst old oil is still warm. Change oil filter and refill with a quality engine oil.

NOTE: To keep your engine clean, use Engine Oil Flush prior to each oil change. Nulon

Engine Oil Flush is safe to use with all engine parts and seals.