Wingless Engines

 Base Engine Rebuild      

(Starting at $2300)

The base package includes 

-Hastings Rings 

-Acl Race Bearings 

-Durabond Cam Bearings 

-Permaseal Gaskets 

- Cylinder Hone

-Cylinder Head Recondition  


Full Engine Build


This is a full engine build from ground up, either you supply the base engine or for an extra cost we supply. This build includes the following

-Pistons 0.040"

-Hastings Piston Rings

-ACL Race Series Bearings 

-Durabond Cam Bearings 

-New Camsaft 


-Valve Springs 



-ARP Rod Bolts 

-Permaseal Gaskets 

-Timing Chain Kit

-Engine Pro Harmonic Balancer


-Full Welsh Plug Kit


-RHP Aluminium Sump and Rocker Covers 

-Cylinders Bored to 0.040" and Torque Plate Honed

-Block Decked to achieve RHP Spec Piston Protrusion

-Valve Seats Cut to AWSR standards 

-Heads Surfaced to Achieve 9.5:1 Compression


Optional Extras 

-ARP Head Studs $183.76

-ARP Rod Bolts $179.15

-Total Seal Piston Rings $206.99

-ARP Main Stud Kit $152.27

-Cometic Head Gaskets (0.040"-3.890") $366.32 (Set)

-Powerbond Harmonic Balancer $220

-Melling Oil Pump $134.86

-Crowcams STD Camshaft $543.93

-Crowcams Valve Springs $123.66

-RHP Aluminium Fabricated Rocker Covers $325

-RHP Aluminium Fabricated Sump $520